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October 29, 2013 @ 12:43 pm

Grand Prix Review: Rd 16, India

Four consecutive world championships may have elevated Sebastian Vettel in to a club filled with rarefied air, but he was not the main focus of the Indian Grand Prix according to Glen Crompton and Mat Coch.
While the pair admits it is a special achievement, Coch drawing comparisons with Ayrton Senna, they instead take a good look at the Pirelli situation, and promptly disagree. Where Crompo urges patience and compassion it is Coch rattling the can suggesting the Italian company should lift its game.
There are further fireworks between the two when the topic of track limits is raised while asking whether Sauber accidentally booked flights to Abu Dhabi instead of India after an anonymous weekend.
At just fifteen minutes long it's shorter than Sebastian Vettel's victory celebrations, and since it's free it's also a whole lot cheaper.
October 15, 2013 @ 12:29 pm

Grand Prix Review: Rd 15, Japan

It's been a tough week in world motor sport, the team of Chris Balfe, Glen Crompton and Mat Coch dedicating the latest Pitpass podcast to Maria de Villota.
The trio once again butt heads over the Japanese Grand Prix, Sebastian Vettel's fifth consecutive victory – a point none of the three are willing to mention. Instead they focus on the fans, the die-hard, respectful and at times down-right whacky Japanese fans who make Suzuka the amphitheatre of world motor sport it is.
Crompo and Coch argue over the fate of Lewis Hamilton, forcing a reluctant Balfe to play mediator, who also gives a behind-the-scenes look at the decision making process in Mercedes technical department.
The team as admits it longs for the characters of yesteryear, lamenting the Twitter generation and their media handlers, yearning for a simpler time when drivers would settle their differences behind the tyre barriers after the race (or during it, if your name is Nelson) rather than a sharply worded post-race interview.
Running at almost fifteen minutes it's a wrap up of the Japanese Grand Prix which artfully dodges the subject for most of it.

October 8, 2013 @ 1:15 pm

Grand Prix Review: Rd14, Korea

Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull may have all but secured their fourth consecutive championships yet the pair barely rate a mention in the latest Pitpass podcast. Chris Balfe and Mat Coch are joined once again by Glen Crompton as the trio take a somewhat skewed look at the Korean Grand Prix.
Of special interest is Sergio Perez who prompts emotive monologues from both Balfe and Crompo who aren't sold on the company line.
There are also concerns for Mark Webber as serious questions get raised over the handling of the Australian's Red Bull engine fire, though naturally Crompo can't help but take a cheeky swipe at his country-man.
A tough weekend for Force India didn't go unnoticed, while Marussia and Caterham will perhaps hope they had.
Running at less than fifteen minutes it's a quick fire rap up of the Korean Grand Prix during which Balfe, Coch and Crompo at times manage to stay on topic but for the large part bicker among themselves.
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