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May 27, 2014 @ 12:35 pm

Rd6, Monaco

Following a processional race that had little to talk about the Pitpass team had to be forcedly removed from the studio this week as they dissected all the latest happenings in Formula One.

Editor Chris Balfe is back to share his thoughts on the situation at Mercedes while Glen Crompton and Mat Coch continue to argue amongst themselves.

Crompo, like Balfe, wonders just how far things at Mercedes could deteriorate after a weekend that strained the relationship between its drivers like never before while the ever cynical Coch suggests it's rather more hot air than substance. The debate between the trio rages, with Coch suggesting any publicity is good publicity while Balfe believes the negative headlines will damage the sport.

Meanwhile Crompo once again finds an excuse to laud the efforts of Daniel Ricciardo, though he insists it's not patriotism. In fact he goes one more to claim that while it was another strong drive to a well-earned podium the young Australian is more important to the sport than it perhaps yet realises. It's an opinion shared by Balfe who agrees that, following a week in which Australia lost one of its greatest sportsman, if the young Aussie might just help everyone remember what a true sportsman is.

There is even a passing comment for the situation at Ferrari with questions being asked about how sustainable it is in its current form. They're questions it's suggest nobody has an answer to, including Marco Mattiaci.

Running slightly longer this time at almost twenty minutes the trio once again pass their differing opinions over the sport and debate it out amongst themselves. With Coch being wrong about pretty much all of it.

May 15, 2014 @ 1:58 pm

Rd5, Spain

After a Spanish Grand Prix that promised so much but, according to Glen Crompton and Mat Coch, delivered so many the antipodean pair were let lose in the Pitpass studio for the latest podcast.

Though the pair can rarely agree on anything they did both acknowledge a fine performance from Sebastian Vettel, which Crompo says is the first drive worthy of a champion he's put in thus far in 2014. Naturally though they couldn't let the opportunity go without heaping more praise on countryman Daniel Ricciardo, suggesting that perhaps there is a rather more harmonious working relationship behind the doors at Milton Keynes than the selected radio messages broadcast on the global feed might suggest.

Crompo also can't resist having a dig at Kimi Raikkonen, who he suggests is turning in to a modern day Jean Alesi while Ferrari as a whole is gradually falling off the boil.

For his part Coch raises questions about the situation at Lotus, which the duo decide shall be called Enstone for simplicity, in light of comments made by Renault over the Spanish Grand Prix weekend. There is also an eyebrow or two raised over Pastor Maldonado's weekend and the Venezuelan's various incidents.

Special mention however is reserved for Lewis Hamilton with both Crompo and Coch thrilled at the 2008 world champions return to form - a man Crompo says is unbeatable on his day. That Nico Rosberg has managed to push him hard is a credit to the young German, and earns him high praise for the usually critical pair.

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