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July 31, 2014 @ 12:07 pm

Rd11, Hungary

Clearly struggling to master the art of reading a clock, Mat Coch is left rather red faced on the latest Pitpass podcast. Joined by Glen Crompton, notably absent is editor Chris Balfe, the result of a rather embarrassing time zone gaff Coch hopes nobody notices.

Unsupervised the Australian duo do their best to work through the Hungarian Grand Prix weekend, with Lewis Hamilton's stellar drive from the rear of the grid to a podium place catching Crompo's eye in particular. The team steers clear of the Mercedes team orders saga, suggesting enough hot air has already been wasted, and instead goes for the jugular at Caterham.

Coch is especially critical, suggesting nothing emanating from Leafied of late has been positive for either the team or the sport. Taking that lead Crompo goes off again on his usual rant about how the sport isn't run like it was in his day before invariably singing the praises of his countryman Daniel Ricciardo.

The team now heads off on its summer break (well, winter for those who walk upside down) during which time Coch has promised to learn how to read a clock.

July 22, 2014 @ 12:32 pm

Rd10, Germany

The team is back and they're as angry as they've ever been in the latest podcast.

Tired of leaving the rants to Glen 'Crompo' Crompton, Mat Coch (who allegedly joined the show from a telephone box somewhere) expresses his concerns over the standard of marshalling in Hockenheim, a view shared by Editor Chris Balfe who branded the handling of Adrian Sutil's stricken Sauber as disgraceful. Crompo is more forgiving and instead is left wistfully reminiscing about Jean Alesi's helmet before pointing out the flaws in Bernie Ecclestone's business model.

Balfe agrees, saying no matter what the teams claim fans are voting with their feet, as evidenced by swathes of empty seats in grandstands at what is historically one of the better attended races on the calendar.

Bringing things back on track, Felipe Massa's opening lap escapades catch the teams eye with Balfe asking whether it's perhaps time the Brazilian calls time on his career. Indeed the whole Williams renaissance earns the Grove squad praise in a year where they look to be genuine front runners.

Yet somehow Crompo believes the race left him unimpressed, a view not shared by his colleagues who point out the entertaining racing further down the order.

Not satisfied with just one rant, Coch embarks on a second as he claims the sport regulates against true innovation in the interest of producing a better television product. Interlinked suspension is also discussed, with questions asked about the timing of the FIAs announcement to ban the system, moving the goal posts in an attempt to manipulate the result.

At 19-minutes the team covers a lot of ground, from comparing Formula 1 to late night television advertising to discussing brake by wire not to mention Crompo taking great delight in proving Coch wrong. Again.

July 8, 2014 @ 12:36 pm

Rd9, Great Britain

It's taken until almost the midway point of the season, but finally Glen 'Crompo' Crompton has given us his first real crack-pot conspiracy theory of the year. And it came about almost by accident.

Crompo is once again in the Pitpass studio with editor Chris Balfe and fellow antipodean Mat Coch to discuss the British Grand Prix as the team stray in to oncoming traffic in the form of Formula Kart Star, the new FOM backed karting series. But its very existence has the guys all agreeing that it is a confusing move for a brand which has been so aggressive in protecting its exclusivity, leading to the inevitable cynicism.

But Crompo sees through the foggy press release to look at the very atypical announcement with a typically unique perspective to suggest it's perhaps the early salvos of a company looking beyond Bernie Ecclestone.

Speaking of which there is also speculation over Kimi Raikkonen's future in Formula One. Following his large opening lap shunt in Silverstone, and the fact the Iceman has carried a back injury for much of his career, they wonder if it might just provide an easy opportunity for the former world champion to bow out of the sport. That leads to a discussion over just who might replace him at Maranello, prompting Balfe to suggest one driver from left field (or is it Leafield?).

Jenson Button's future is also discussed following a performance Crompo in particular rated highly as the trio looks to get inside Ron Dennis' head as he looks to firm up McLaren's 2015 driver lineup.

Notable mentions go to Valtteri Bottas and the battle between Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel, which Balfe admits left him yelling at the television with excitement. Coch meanwhile is busy suggesting the only people capable of beating Mercedes to this year's championship is Mercedes itself following yet another retirement and more lost points.

Running to 23 minutes a huge range of topics is covered in the teams' trademark oblique fashion.

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