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October 17, 2014 @ 12:43 pm

Rd16, Russia

It may have been a dull Russian Grand Prix, but that just gives the team license to discuss an array of other topics. From the trouble at Force India to the state of play at McLaren, the team somehow even manage to spend literally seconds talking about the race, though they quickly noticed and stopped.

Disagreeing with what most drivers said over the Russian Grand Prix weekend, the Pitpass trio of Chris Balfe, Glen Crompton and Mat Coch see the inaugural race in Sochi a little bit differently. Balfe and Coch in particular are outspoken in their dislike of the new venue, with Balfe suggesting that while Russia might have a place in Formula One the race would be better served in a different location. They're also not shy in discussing the political overtones of the weekend and question why the weekend was treated any differently to other additions to the calendar in recent years.

From there things quickly move on to Force India and Sauber, teams which seem stuck in a rut with just three races of the season remaining. Sauber is of particular concern to the team, though Crompo doesn't seem to understand and is instead fixated with the view from the Hinwill factory.

That doesn't stop him sinking his teeth into some of the cheaper press, leading an impassioned plea again tabloid sensationalism by the media.

And if you're wondering why the podcast is only coming out now – it's all Coch's fault…

October 9, 2014 @ 12:44 pm

Rd15, Japan

It's been a tough week in Formula One, which the Pitpass team has tried to make sense of in the latest podcast.

The team is unanimous in its call for calm and sensibility over the plight of Jules Bianchi following his incident which has overshadowed the sport since. Indeed it overshadowed a race that would have otherwise been remembered as 'quirky' suggests Crompo who suggest we should take on-board lessons learned from Imola 1994 before making any knee-jerk reactions or rule changes. The outspoken Crompo is also full of admiration and praise for the way in which all drivers and teams have handled themselves since the incident, and even defends the FIA in a most uncharacteristic outburst.

There was no ignoring some of the other major stories too, such as Vettel leaving Red Bull and the teams subsequent public response, which editor Chris Balfe labels 'beautiful', nor the continuing saga at Caterham which Coch has unanswered questions over.

This weekend's Russian Grand Prix gets a strong mention too, with the trio looking ahead to just how the weekend might play out. Most importantly they wonder who Vladimir Putin will collect the winner's trophy from, or whether the prospect of vodka will spur Kimi Raikkonen on to victory.

Bringing the show back onto a more serious note, Crompo expresses his disdain for recent media coverage surrounding Michael Schumacher and pleads once again for calm and sensibility, both for Schumacher and Bianchi. 

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