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November 13, 2014 @ 12:39 pm

Rd18, Brazil…and USA

Making up for lost time, the Pitpass team rants its way through all the issues currently facing Formula One. With back-to-back races and a seemingly imploding sport the trio waste little time cutting to the core of the problem with impassioned debate and heckling aplenty.

Chris Balfe, Glen Crompton and Mat Coch are once again in the Pitpass studio and spend almost a minute talking about two grands prix. Their attention is focussed elsewhere, as they look at the underlying problems within the sport once again and ask whether current discussions actually solve them or simply apply a band-aid solution.

Coch is of the opinion that giving the teams more money will only exacerbate the problem while Crompo questions just what it is that Formula One is, or is at least trying to be. Concerns are raised over the reliance on drinks companies in the sport, one in particular, and whether the structure of the sport is complicit in its current predicament.

There are positive words for Williams, started by Crompo, which really sets things off as Balfe compares their season against Red Bull's. It's all downhill from there with Ferrari, Marussia, Caterham and Toro Rosso all finding themselves like deer in the headlights.

Still, at least nobody remember double points in Abu Dhabi…

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