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October 14, 2015 @ 1:59 pm

2015 Russian Grand Prix

Anyone would think we've let Basil Fawlty into the Pitpass studio this week as Chris Balfe, Max Noble and Mat Coch do their best not to mention the war. Instead the trio actually manages to do the rarest of things in the Russian Grand Prix podcast, which is actually talk about the Russian Grand Prix.

Mostly it's admiration of the local officials who seemed capable of fixing anything with a bit of duct tape, though someone the foolishly brave chap who played chicken with Sebastian Vettel mid-race escaped their attention. That's because they were too busy trying to remember who the head of the FIA was, before agreeing it was a short Frenchman which almost certainly meant it must be Alain Prost.

There were serious moments though, notably as the team discussed Carlos Sainz's practice crash while the Spaniard won fans with his single minded determination to get straight back on the horse after being bucked off. For Balfe the whole weekend had an eerie overtone with just hints of a weekend in May 21 years ago. Coch though wasn't so concerned, suggesting crashing is just part of the game and while Sainz and Romain Grosjean both had big'uns it wasn't really cause for alarm – though perhaps a rethink over how barriers are installed.

At one point the usual calm and reasonable Noble transforms into Mad Max as he goes on a rant about the current engine formula and even suggests Bernie is playing games with the media on the sale of the sport. It's his third conspiracy theory in a row, which is a better strike rate than Glen 'Conspiracy Theory' Crompton could ever manage.

It makes for a lively discussion between the trio who vent their frustration, anger and spleens all the while working really hard not to mention the war. Balfe mentioned it once, but we think he got away with it.

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