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November 18, 2015 @ 3:47 pm

Brazil 2015

Nico Rosberg needs to do a lot more than just win the Brazilian Grand Prix to impress Mat Coch it seems as he's joined in the Pitpass studio once again by Chris Balfe and Max Noble.

The trio are on deck to navigate the flat water that was the Brazilian Grand Prix. For Noble and Balfe it was a race Rosberg should be proud of, a lights to flag victory which he steered home without a hint of chop to the ride. Coch is less impressed and suggests Lewis Hamilton was the better of the two Mercedes drivers. He even tries to defend his stance, though Balfe and Noble are having none of that nonsense.

Somehow the team manages to talk for a full nine minutes about the race itself. What makes that remarkable is that in reality the race only lasted about nine seconds. Still the trio found things to amuse themselves with, which this week seems to be trying to subtly slot in nautical themes throughout the show.

That almost did the trick of distracting them from mentioning the war. They mentioned it once, but we're pretty sure they got away with it as the subject of engines for next season is glossed over with the same speed as Pastor Maldonado's finishing record when it's time to cash the cheque.

Poor Pastor cops a bit of a pasting this week with Balfe suggesting Lotus hasn't done itself any favours next season by retaining him. It's done even less for Jolyon Palmer who is set to be take Throwing Expensive Automobiles at the Scenery 101 from Professor Maldonado, or Professor Mal as he's known to the cool kids.

There's also talk about the reshuffle at Manor and the problems in Austin, there's even a three thumbs up for Carlos Sainz, who has to be the unluckiest driver in Formula One this season. Felipe Massa's disqualification gets the crew frothing at the mouth while for light relief Balfe seems on the verge of suggesting Fernando Alonso quit F1 and forge a new career in comedy.

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