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June 16, 2016 @ 6:03 am

Canada 2016

Just where was Nico Rosberg at the Canadian Grand Prix? That’s the question being asked by the Pitpass team as they once again gather to run their critical eye over Formula One.

Following an intriguing Monaco Grand Prix and a week in which Chris Balfe had been performing daily rain dances in an attempt to spice up the action in Canada, the weekend proved comparatively reserved. There were casualties and the race wasn’t bad, and unusually cold, but it wasn’t the blockbuster the Giles Villeneuve circuit can sometimes deliver.

Lewis Hamilton’s performance, particularly at the first corner, set chins wagging and raised the question of driving standards; not because the reigning world champion had done anything wrong but because Formula One seems to be the outlier in terms of world motorsport according to Mat Coch.

Sebastian Vettel may not have stolen victory following his lightning start but he did steal the show post-race according to Balfe after hijacking Lewis Hamilton’s television interview to share his love of ornithology. It was unscripted, off the cuff and showed the personalities of both Vettel and Hamilton and that, according to Balfe, is where the sport could win so many new fans.

There were notable mentions for Max Verstappen and Carlos Sainz while a quiet pondering over Force India’s weekend, not to mention a chink of the glass for McLaren and Fernando Alonso.

In that glass is of course the sport’s official frosty elixir, as announced over the Canadian Grand Prix.

With another race this weekend the team also shares its thoughts on the forthcoming European Grand Prix, and why getting your hair cut this weekend might be a bad idea.

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