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June 11, 2015 @ 11:57 am

Canadian Grand Prix 2015

Quite how the team manages to spend almost half an hour talking about the Canadian Grand Prix is a mystery. They probably deserve an award.

Max Noble, Mat Coch and Chris Balfe are back to dissect a race that really never was as they cite Sebastian Vettel, Felipe Massa and one curious local as the highlights of an unusually uneventful Canadian Grand Prix.

Though Lotus scored points with both cars for the first time in living memory Coch doesn't mind sticking the boot in as he explains why he thinks the team has underperformed. He also asks just how much pain Fernando Alonso can take before hoisting the white flag and calling a day on his Formula One career. Thankfully Balfe and Noble are rather more optimistic on that front.

There's talk of franchise cars and new teams, and the team even shows it's still cool by linking in with current youth trends courtesy of the Rolling Stones.

Yes, for a race that had absolutely nothing, this podcast has a bit of everything, except for Crompo who went mysteriously missing just moments before the show. Conspiracy theories on a postage stamp, if you will.

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