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July 29, 2013 @ 12:21 pm

Grand Prix Review: Rd10, Hungary

A welcome return to the post-race podcast, Pitpass Editor Chris Balfe re-joins Glen Crompton and Mat Coch to discuss the Hungarian Grand Prix.
Balfe's return came an opportune time given his fondness for Kimi Raikkonen, our Editor impressed that the Iceman continues to improve in his second stint in Formula One. He also disagrees with Coch, believing Raikkonen is a shoe-in at Red Bull.
However while Balfe is impressed with Raikkonen, Coch can barely hide his disappointment with Romain Grosjean, suggesting the Hungarian Grand Prix may have proved the straw to break the camel's back - It was an opportunity to truly establish his place in Formula One squandered, the Australian reasons.
Back on song Crompo has come up with another conspiracy theory after Grosjean's car was deemed legal after qualifying despite the fact Crompo believes it wasn't. It's a carrot to all the design gurus at all the teams, he cautions before nominating country-man Mark Webber for the Van der Garde Award.
Running just short of fifteen minutes it's over in less time than it takes to eat a pizza and wraps up all the Hungarian Grand Prix in one bite size slice.
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