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July 8, 2013 @ 2:12 pm

Grand Prix Review: Rd9, Germany

Clearly smarting from the defeat (an understatement) at the hands of the Lions at the weekend, the Australian branch of Pitpass is back with its thoughts following Sebastian Vettel's breakthrough German Grand Prix win at the weekend.

Somehow the championship leader barely rates a mention, his metronomic performance not worth a mention as Crompo, Jo Soucek and Mat Coch laugh their way through fifteen minutes of the less obvious stories from the weekend.

Yet while Vettel doesn't get a mention Giedo Van der Garde does, the Caterham driver having a prestigious new award named after him. The three hosts however have very different views on just who should claim the inaugural ‘Van der Garde Award’ with votes for Jules Bianchi, Lewis Hamilton and Giedo himself.

The voice of sanity, Soucek is keen to put to rest the rumblings over Pirelli's tyres, suggesting the whole sordid business can finally be put to bed, while Crompo, clearly flustered by the sheer presence of Pitpass' legal editor, is left theory-less for the second week running as he drags up a theory from podcasts past.
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