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September 8, 2015 @ 2:50 pm

Italian GP 2015

No expense has been spared in the latest, star-studded episode of the Pitpass podcast.

Max Noble, Mat Coch and Chris Balfe are joined in the studio by a panel of guests, all eager to share their views on the Italian Grand Prix. From team bosses to world champions, the Pitpass team gets the low down and nitty gritty from those involved.

Discussed are topics such as the current plight Pirelli faces in view of the Belgian Grand Prix, and the unusual actions taken in the wake of that weekend in the Ardennes. There was a bizarre media release from Formula Management, an unprecedented statement according to Balfe, while Coch wonders if there's not something a little deeper going on. Questions are also asked about the rights and wrongs of Mercedes being allowed to compete with tyres that were under inflated, with the panellists only too keen to avoid answering.

The show wouldn't be complete without talking about driver safety, with the trio wondering what can realistically be done and if introducing canopy style protection would do more harm than good. Coch though has a different idea, and wonders if, counter-intuitively, the increased safety standards are actually the root cause for many of the high risk manoeuvres and therefore accidents we see in modern racing.

Perhaps weary of Pitpass' reputation for calling a spade a spade the panel is reserved in its statements and reluctant to give anything away, but that could just be because Bernie has put a gag on them.

It makes for a fascinating show in which all the biggest topics get discussed with all the biggest names in the sport.

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