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November 4, 2015 @ 3:17 pm

Mexico 2015

There's a party in the Pitpass studio and much to Chris Balfe's disdain it shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon.

Editor Balfe is joined once again by Max Noble and Mat Coch as the trio dissects the latest round of Bernie's Scalextric World Championship, though they've lost the track invader piece that actually makes the racing interesting.

So instead they focus on other events, laying into Lewis Hamilton like a Mexican wrestler. Indeed the triple world champion gets body slammed by all three of the guys who take turns to brand him things like unprofessional, childish and Lewis. Coch suggests he needs to learn how to lose, or more to the point, understand the fact that he can't win every race while the team all agrees the mentoring role Nigel Mansell took on over the weekend was wildly successful. Not since the mustachioed maestro ruled the Peraltada has the sport seen whining of such epic proportions.

Speaking of whining, there is a brief and terse discussion about engines. Balfe was busy during the week pulling all the price tags off the engines at Brackley, which had what looked like a telephone number on them while those at Woking simply said "free to good home." Coch though isn't buying the bluff and provides irrefutable evidence that, while the Honda may as well be a Vespa, the McLaren is hardly any better.

Missing this week is Max Noble's now trademark conspiracy theory but instead he got to talk about Aston Martin, Pirelli's tyres and how nobody whined about them other than Lewis.

And of course no podcast this week would be complete without touching on the biggest story of the year; Susie Wolff's retirement from competitive motorsport. And yes, the guys really do ask THAT question… You know the one; about at which point she actually started competitive motorsport.

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