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May 27, 2015 @ 1:16 pm

Monaco 2015

Breaking with tradition, the Pitpass team actually discusses the race in the latest episode of the podcast. Max Noble, Mat Coch and Chris Balfe are again in the Pitpass studio dissecting the weekend, drawing some rather unique conclusions.

There are perhaps none more unique than Coch's view of Lewis Hamiton's final pit stop as he floats the mother of all conspiracy theories – one even Glen 'Conspiracy Theory' Crompton would be proud of (or ashamed, it's hard to tell).

After discussing the race the trio then sets its sights on righting the wrongs of the sport. Squarely in the cross hairs is the FIA and, more specifically, FIA President Jean Todt. Balfe calls for the Frenchman to actually do something rather than sitting on his hands, believing the sport needs strong leadership. The problem is it's just not getting it at the moment, and Balfe lays the blame for that at Todt's feet.

Noble is also fired up. Critical of the Strategy Group he's more than a little disappointed in its most recent media release – questioning whether they'd simply photocopied the notes from the previous meeting and changed the date.

There's one last thought from Coch who has another unique way to solve Formula One's problems, an idea totally shot down by both Balfe and Noble.

Still, at least the trio is trying to solve the sports problems, unlike the FIA President who doesn't seem to realise Formula One still exists.

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