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September 25, 2014 @ 11:30 am

Rd14, Singapore

Without the safety car, the Singapore Grand Prix would have been a bit of a snooze-fest, according to the Pitpass team who are back to right all of Formula One's wrongs.

Chris Balfe is joined in the studio by Glen Crompton and Mat Coch as they share their insights on Lew Hamilton's seventh victory of the season. They also rue the misfortune of Nico Rosberg, and collectively hope the championship isn't decided by Mercedes unreliability – or the double points race in Abu Dhabi.

Spoiling for a fight, Crompo again baits Coch over Sergio Perez's race, while at the same time suggesting Kimi Raikkonen has the ability to see the future with regards to the new radio rules.

It's those that get the team most riled, triggering several impassioned monologues from Balfe who looks to set the world straight over just what is wrong with the sport. Stupid rules dressed up as 'what the fans want' tops the list, though he doesn't shy away from a cheeky swipe at Heir Ecclestone either.

At 24 minutes it runs about the same as an American sit-com, and is both far more interesting and funny.

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