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June 11, 2014 @ 2:02 pm

Rd7, Canada

Crompo gets his crackpot theory more than a little wrong following his suggestion Bernie Ecclestone was about to step down before hastily changing the subject to what was actually an entertaining Canadian Grand Prix.

Once again Crompo and Mat Coch fail to agree, this time over the penalty dished out to Sergio Perez following his final lap clash with Felipe Massa. With Coch on one side and Crompo firmly on the other the pair duke it out before Balfe is forced to calm the debate.

On the whole it was a race which rejuvenates the championship according to Chris Balfe while Crompo likened the race to a well written Hollywood blockbuster. With racing up and down the field, and a breakthrough win for Daniel Ricciardo, it was a fine advertisement for Formula One and proof nice guys don't always finish last.

What really gets the trio riled up however are the proposed changes to Friday practice sessions. As a collective the team pans the idea, labelling it bad value for fans and poor decision making from the Strategy Group underpinned by ineffective marketing from the sport.

The slightly longer show also gives Crompo opportunity to draw comparisons between Alain Prost, Ayrton Senna and the current driver pairing. Crompo sees a degree of Alain Prost in Rosberg's drive to second spot, a view shared by Balfe, as he lauds a triumph for an underrated analytical drive from Rosberg.

But the Mercedes advantage is not quite what it seems the team suggests as the championship moves in to the middle third of the season. A retirement in Canada gave a glimmer of hope to Mercedes rivals while injecting renewed interest in the drivers' championship, leaving things nicely poised heading in to the Austrian Grand Prix next time out.

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