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May 3, 2017 @ 11:14 am

Russia 2017

Hot on the heels of Valtteri Bottas' first Grand Prix win, the Pitpass crew assembles to digest that latest round of the Formula 1 world championship.

Chris Balfe, Mat Coch and Max Noble all squeeze in to the Pitpass recording studio to reflect on the Russian Grand Prix, a race the trio agree was far from a classic. About as far from a classic as they came, or, a classic non-classic race from start to finish.

Still, there were glimmers of hope, enough to keep the team enthralled if not particularly entertained, and optimisitic ahead of the European leg of the season beginning.

Bottas' performance was of course a stand out, but there are others who rate a mention. Jolyon Palmer, for instance, is mentioned at least once, as is three-time world champion Nelson Piquet.

The truth is, the Russian Grand Prix wasn't a grandstand event, but it injected interest back into the sport at a time when it needed it most. As pressure from some corners mounts on Mercedes to back Lewis Hamilton's tilt at another world championship, Bottas has thrown his hat in the ring and shown he's not about to roll over for his more illustrious team-mate.

There's also the prospect of a Ferrari versus Mercedes tussle to enjoy, with the German team seemingly on the ropes for the first time in years. Can Ferrari actually deliver for Sebastian Vettel or, to ask the question a different way, did Fernando Alonso leave too soon?

Naturally there's talk about Fernando, though it's an old topic that seems to do nothing but go around in circles. Ironic, really. Then there's McLaren and the fate in front of it. Still, at least it can console itself knowing it's partnering up courtesy of Honda with that F1 powerhouse that is Sauber.

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