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March 15, 2013 @ 10:57 am

Episode 4: The music stops

There is one golden rule when it comes to podcasting, and it's really quite simple; make sure the recorder is actually switched on!

It's a lesson Mat Coch learned the hard way when producing the latest episode. Recording from Melbourne ahead of the season opening Australian Grand Prix, Coch and Pitpass editor Chris Balfe take a look at just why Honda may - or may not - make a Formula One return.

Both Balfe and Coch reach the conclusion that any interest from the automotive industry in Formula One is good for the sport but are unable to agree on whether the Japanese firm's return is wise.

New recruit, technical expert, Matt Somerfield joins the show to shed some light on some of the latest developments, explaining what a Coanda exhaust and Drag Reduction Device is. He also goes out on a limb and makes an early prediction for 2013 success.

To round out the show, motor sport sponsorship expert Zak Brown (pictured), founder of JMI, discusses the challenges the team and the sport face with business editor Chris Sylt. A highly influential figure behind the scenes he explains what companies need to do in order to make any sponsorship deal in Formula One successful.

March 2, 2013 @ 6:33 am

Episode 3: The road to Formula One

With the season fast approaching the Pitpass team checks in with Pirelli boss Paul Hembery to find out the real pre-season pecking order, while Business Editor Christian Sylt reveals just how Formula One makes it's billions.

Reigning GP3 champ Mitch Evans also stops by to talk about life as an aspiring Formula One driver as Chris Balfe and Mat Coch discuss the most important headlines from the last two weeks.

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