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April 23, 2014 @ 2:45 pm

Rd4, China

Nothing fires the Pitpass team up like a dull race, making this episode jam packed with outrage, rants and laughs.

Chris Balfe, Glen Crompton and Mat Coch return for another post-race podcast in which they manage to avoid talking about the race much at all and instead focus on the important things, like a possible job opportunity for Chris at Red Bull and whether Bernie's staff consists solely lawyers.

Indeed lawyers get a fair grilling from the team, mostly by Crompo. There are trademarks and lawsuits and regulations, indeed Editor Balfe suggests there are so many lawyers involved in the sport-which-cannot-be-named that they deserve their own garage...

Marco Mattiaci, the new boss at Ferrari, may be in his first week with the team but even the sun glasses couldn’t hide him from the eagle-eyed Balfe, who predicts dire times ahead for the Italian marque.

But at least the show finishes on schedule, unlike the Chinese Grand Prix. You didn’t think we’d let that one go, did you? Oh, and we may have mentioned the live timing app once or twice…

April 10, 2014 @ 8:25 am

Rd3, Bahrain

The guys are back having eaten a healthy serving of humble pie following the Bahrain Grand Prix. In the wake of the Malaysian podcast, when the trio of Chris Balfe, Glen Crompton and Mat Coch lamented everything that was wrong with the sport, they have all had to admit that they enjoyed the race in Bahrain.
So much so it was the best race Crompo has ever seen, he claims, especially enjoying the bit where both Mercedes drivers had radio problems. Indeed he describes the race as an action packed event which left those with a weak bladder with a difficult decision.
It wasn't all roses though as Balfe questions why the drivers aren't playing a more active role in policing and punishing themselves for driving infringements since it is they are the ones with their lives on the line. Indeed he takes it a step further and suggests the drivers as a collective should bargain for more influence to protect their own well-being.
But while the trio agree on that point they clash when it comes to the fortunes of Williams and Coch suggests the Grove squad will slip down the order as the season wears on. Crompo who is inclined to disagree with whatever Coch says indeed, with whatever anyone says, isn’t so sure, while Balfe suggests that stable rules, if the sport can avoid pressing the panic button during the season, may just lead to a resurgence for the Grove outfit, though he stops short of predicting further titles in the future.
April 2, 2014 @ 12:39 pm

Rd 2, Malaysia

The Malaysian Grand Prix has come and gone for another year leaving behind it the Pitpass team to bicker, argue and disagree with each other about it. And for a time they did, there were literally seconds upon seconds of conversation about the Malaysian Grand Prix, at least until resident crack-pot theorist Glen 'Crompo' Crompton hijacks the show.

It all starts off going to plan as Editor Chris Balfe briefly touches on the new live timing app while the patriotic pair of Crompo and Mat Coch sing the praises of Daniel Ricciardo and his stellar start to the 2014. But from there the show quickly descends in to anarchy with Crompo suggesting the sport has not only lost its way, but is without a map to find its way back. It's a season of great hopes false promises at the hands of a selfish corporate machine, the trio decides.

However, in a Pitpass first the podcast team wants to hear from you. Balfe, Crompo and Coch realise they have an opinion, but so do you, and they want to hear it. They want to know what you think is wrong with the sport and what you think is right with it. They want to know how it can strengthen your passion for the sport, and what it's doing that pushes you away.

Share your thoughts and have your voice heard; the team will look to read some of the best on a forthcoming podcast.

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