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April 29, 2015 @ 12:28 pm

2015: The Story So Far

After four races the Pitpass team has gathered together to discuss the season so far and there's a surprising amount of agreement within the ranks.

Editor Chris Balfe once again joins host Mat Coch to chew the fat from the first part of the season, joined for the first time by Max Noble.

Between them they take an in-depth look at the start to the season, including whether Honda has done the right thing in making a return to racing, and just much farther we'll get before seeing the first engine penalty. Balfe suggests it won't be too much longer while Noble, the eternal optimist, crosses everything in his forecast of 'in the second half of the season'.

They also take a look at the woes at Red Bull and wonder just what discussions are happening around the Verstappen dinner table as the young Dutchman (or Belgian, we're not sure either) begins thinking about his future in the sport – a future the team agrees shines brightly.

Coch reasons Mercedes isn't the team everyone thinks it is, suggesting Ferrari has the German squad more than a little rattled. In fact he goes so far as to argue the fact Mercedes has been lucky to have won as much as it has this season.

Naturally the podcast wouldn't be complete without a swipe at the establishment; the team asking just where the FIA has got to while Balfe suggests Formula One treats its like cows being milked by for their hard-earned money.

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