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August 24, 2015 @ 1:12 pm

Belgium 2015

Following the Belgian Grand Prix the Pitpass team has gather to dissect the race in minute detail, coming to the abrupt conclusion that Lewis Hamilton could probably have won blindfolded.

In an explosive episode Chris Balfe, Max Noble and Mat Coch are back in the studio and analyse every facet of the Belgian race, and beyond, and come up with some startling revelations.

Coch for one suggests Sebastian Vettel should retire if he doesn't like the idea of a tyre failure, while Balfe suggests he should lodge a complaint with the high-effective driver's union, the GPDA. Coch is similarly unimpressed by Nico Rosberg's comments over Pirelli, and goes into bat for the tyre supplier in the face of current criticisms.

Praise is heaped upon Romain Grosjean for his drive to third place while there's a collective raising of eyebrows over Valtteri Bottas' pit stop fiasco. Indeed, Coch must have got out of bed on the wrong side because, not happy with getting stuck into Vettel and Rosberg, he also has a go at Bottas.

Noble endorses Ferrari's recent decision to retain Kimi Raikkonen and Balfe is in awe of Lewis Hamilton's ability to not only live the rock and roll lifestyle but also utterly dominate on track.

There is also a plug or two for the supplier of Chris' plush new office chair, of which Noble and Coch are clearly envious and doing all they can to score one for themselves.

August 3, 2015 @ 12:49 pm

Hungarian Grand Prix

Almost a week later than planned, thanks largely to Chris finding himself trapped in a room somewhere in the McLaren Technology Centre, the team delivers is report on the Hungarian Grand Prix.

And Max Noble, Chris Balfe and Mat Coch have a lot to say from the positives of the race and the touching tribute to Jules Bianchi to just what Red Bull is going to do about its engine problem.

The trio agree the minute of silence before the race was a powerful and emotive tribute to Bianchi and the race a fitting way to celebrate the fallen Frenchman. It was a race that had everything, including a Hollywood script which did much to bely predictions that the narrow, twisty Hungaroring circuit would produce a tedious race.

Wandering slightly off topic Noble and Balfe sing Kimi Raikkonen's praises, urging the Ferrari top brass to sign him for another year. Coch though is less convinced, suggesting his Ferrari dream team would include Romain Grosjean for a year before he looked at one of this year's superstar rookies.

But while the team can't agree on Raikkonen's future they do agree that it's a signal of the quality currently on the grid and the depth it currently boasts. Well, aside from Pastor Maldonado.

McLaren gets a wrap for its performance with a special mention for Fernando Alonso who, according to Balfe, is emerging as a genuine leader at Woking for the first time in his career. Our Editor is also impressed by Sebastian Vettel's linguistic skills.

Noble asks whether Mercedes is really all it's made out to be after a performance that saw it wilt rather alarmingly under pressure. There's also no fooling the guys who agree that Red Bull getting on the podium was a fine result, but it doesn't change the fact its engine is producing rather more donkeys than stallions.

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