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April 22, 2016 @ 1:45 pm

China 2016

The Chinese Grand Prix proved almost too exciting for the Pitpass team as they gather once again in the studio to dissect the race. Chris Balfe, Max Noble and Mat Coch can't hide their after what they suggest was easily the best race of the season.

A mixed up race caused by a combination of safety cars, grid penalties and incidents give the trio plenty of fodder. Between them they quickly lay the blame for Sebastian Vettel's first corner collision firmly at the German's feet, not that they really minded since the post-race banter with Daniil Kvyat and the Ferrari driver's recovery energised the race.

If the trio was happy with Vettel's outburst and performance they were also impressed by his countryman, Nico Rosberg. Three wins in a row to start the season gets the guys saying positive things, and when you remember the three wins at the end of 2015 suggest there's a new Nico at Mercedes.

For a Formula One podcast there is a lot of talk about football, but it as a point aside from Balfe's support of Tottenham. There are parallels between F1 and the English Premier League, Coch suggests, though his claim that Leeds United is a powerhouse is optimistic.

With a surprising focus on the race weekend itself the Chinese marshals get a mention, as does the oversize hairdryer with which they tried to (pointlessly in Coch's opinion) dry the track. Still, it made for a varied tyre strategy come the race, which made Noble especially happy.

There weren't so kind words for Valtteri Bottas though. The flying Finn, once rated as a future world champion, has lost his spark according to Balfe, while Coch puts Noble on the spot and asks if he'd hire Bottas if he was at the helm at Williams. It makes for an awkward silence.

Sauber's continuing plight gets the team talking about Alfa Romeo and just what it would mean to have the Italian name back on the grid. Balfe though questions the logic of such a connection, and whether Sauber would be the best target, not to mention the importance of getting the branding right.

That's a trap others have fallen into, including the team which now calls itself Renault. Having bought out the Enstone squad at the end of 2015 its woes at the back end of the grid are self-inflicted says Balfe in a compelling argument.

April 7, 2016 @ 2:47 am

Bahrain 2016

The Pitpass crew returns to discuss the Bahrain Grand Prix, and for once they actually just about manage it.

Chris Balfe, Max Noble and Mat Coch return and touch on topics such as Lewis' dress sense and where Max keeps his money.

The nearly 50-minute show gets into every nook and cranny of the sport, analysing Ferrari's seemingly fast but fragile 2016 contender, just who was at fault in the Valtteri Bottas versus Lewis Hamilton clash and the future of Carlos Sainz.

An impressive show from Stoffel Vandoorne gets the team excited while there are raised eyebrows and confused banter over Fernando Alonso, Ron Dennis and the person booking Vandoorne's flight from Japan.

There remains an undercurrent of suspicion too as the trio suggest that the way the sport is being dragged through the mud is no accident, and while it doesn't point fingers there's a certain amount of gesticulating in one general direction.

Williams' bad race didn't escape their ire while there are concerns for Sauber - a team which seems a shadow of its former self.
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