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May 20, 2016 @ 7:50 am

Spain 2016

After yet another thrilling grand prix, the third in a row if you believe Mat Coch, the Pitpass crew is back to make sense of it all.

Max Noble joins Coch in the studio as Chris Balfe takes a week off, the duo sharing their thoughts and opinions on everything from the mud slinging happening at Ferrari to the warm fuzzy feeling Noble gets while reading headlines about Max Verstappen.

The Spanish Grand Prix was a sensation for the young Dutchman, and while he receives his fair share of praise the attentions of both Noble and Coch were elsewhere. According to Noble the Barcelona encounter was proof that the old Kimi Raikkonen had returned, while the Finn's performance would have left Coch having a stern talking to the man who finished second best.

Proving he'd be a harsh task master, Coch then sets his sights on Ricciardo, for the second time in as many shows, suggesting the Australian's time at Red Bull has come to an end. The arrival and immediate success of Verstappen is Ricciardo's death knell, he reasons and while understanding his perspective, Noble plants himself firmly on the fence.

And it's from that vantage point he draws his conclusions over the first lap incident between Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg. But while he isn't willing to apportion blame, Noble does admit he'd be giving both drivers a stern talking to, going so far as to threaten them both with the sack if they don't lift their games. Predictably, Coch has a different view and lays the blame entirely on one of the two Mercedes men in a passionate rant that ultimately ends up with him questioning the driving standards in Formula One.

There's a half-baked conspiracy theory and some words of encouragement for Romain Grosjean before Coch and Noble just about come to blows over their opinion of the Monaco Grand Prix.
May 3, 2016 @ 8:23 pm

Russia 2016

Poor Daniil Kvyat is copping it from all sides this week. Not only do the rumours swirl that he's been ousted from his seat at Red Bull but the Pitpass team is showing no mercy either.

Chris Balfe, Max Noble and a terminally ill sounding Mat Coch have once again entered the Pitpass studio to dissect the race, with Balfe and Noble adding their voices to the chorus of criticism young Kvyat has faced since the Russian Grand Prix. Surprisingly it's Coch who leaps to his defense, a point not lost by Kvyat who seemed determined to interrupt the show by continually texting Balfe.

But if the team couldn't unanimously agree on just how much at fault Kvyat was, they could at least agree that it was, as Russian Grands Prix go, a pretty good one. It wasn't China good, but it was certainly not Abu Dhabi bad, which on balance means it was probably above average.

That doesn't all owe to the racing either as the weekend's events provided plenty of ammunition for the team away from the Vettel's offensive on Russia's western front. Lewis Hamilton had chins wagging, and not for the right reasons with the reigning world champion showing all the signs of having been up well past his bed time and having the strops for not getting ice-cream because he didn't eat all his vegetables. Yes, the team agrees his attitude over the weekend was childish, and they're not shy in airing that view.

Whatever medicine Coch is on has clearly left him in feisty mood, the Australian taking objection to everything that anyone was saying. He's anti-team radio, anti-canopy, anti-Hamilton and, well, anti-anti. If further evidence was needed his suggestion that selling Daniel Ricciardo for a buck and dropping Max Verstappen alongside Daniil Kvyat at Red Bull is the way forward says everything you need to know.

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