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December 13, 2016 @ 4:47 am

Season Recap & Pitpass Awards 2017

Who was the best driver and which was the best team in 2016? That's what the team has gathered to discuss in the Pitpass.com end of season podcast, as well as the slightly awkward fact that they forgot to talk about Nico Rosberg last time around.

Chris Balfe, Max Noble and Mat Coch return for one final lap in 2016 to hand out the chocolates, with awards for best pass, most memorable moment and best innovation. There's disagreements, differences of opinion and plenty of bad jokes.

But there is more than just the handing out of awards, with discussion turning to all the key topics of the moment. For instance, no podcast would be complete without the mention of biscuits, and the team goes to great lengths to quantify Rosberg's world championship. Indeed, it spurs Balfe into asking the obvious question about the newly crowned world champion, the one nobody had thought to ask.

There's another question to be answered too, and that's who does Mercedes replace Rosberg with or, more to the point, is the Mercedes drive a poisoned chalice? Stepping in alongside Lewis Hamilton is a daunting task, and the team runs through a list of drivers and what they might stand to gain, and lose, should they fill the vacancy.

December 1, 2016 @ 8:53 am

Abu Dhabi 2016

As the 2016 championship draws to a close, the Pitpass team gets the band back together to review the final race of the season.

It's been a few weeks since the guys have caught up, but they get straight back in the groove as they discuss the merits of Max Verstappen, and try to quantify just how good he really is. The general consensus is varying degrees of 'bloody good'. That poses a raft of new questions too, such as what does it mean for Daniel Ricciardo's career, and Lewis Hamilton's ego.

If Verstappen's career has Chris Balfe, Max Noble and Mat Coch salivating in anticipation, the retirement of two of the sport's most popular drivers has them reminiscing. After more than 300 grands prix there will be no Jenson Button on the grid in 2017, nor Felipe Massa – two drivers who enjoyed successful careers in a sport which has been so brutal to so many.

Of course there's no escaping discussing Hamilton's performance at Abu Dhabi. Did he overstep the mark, play to the letter of the law or bring the sport into some sort of disrepute. The team's opinion is unanimous, while Noble, who once again dons his Mercedes team boss cap, suggests a quiet word in the new year is all that is really necessary to calm things inside the team. Of course if that doesn't work there are a range of other options.

The crux of the discussion is not however over whether what Hamilton did was fair and just, because there's no doubting it was, but whether it was moral. Indeed it all gets rather philosophical as the team compares the three-time world champion with the man he bested to claim his first crown.

With one more season-wrap to follow, the guys for once manage to stay (more or less) on topic in their analysis of events in what was a dramatic, enthralling, nail-biting race.

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